The Cork Puller’s Beer, Wine, & Spirits Festival ATL hosted by The Cork Pullers Tour

Yesterday I went to The Cork Puller’s Beer, Wine, & Spirits Festival with a group of girlfriends in Candler Park. The event started at 3, we arrived a quarter to 4.
Upon arrival, you received a drinking cup with lines on them for designated pours depending on the alcohol (2 oz./spirits, 4 oz./wine, 6oz./beer) then were given free reign of the park to indulge in all the booze they had to offer… Which wasn’t much.

Vendors were set up around the perimeter of the field, so we decided to start on one side, grab some food from the food trucks, then continue onto the other side.

During the first half we had tastes of delicious Rex Goliath wines and shots of cloyingly sweet Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.

Afterwards we made our way to one of my favorite vendors of the days, Lazy Goat Produce. There were bottles small jars of a variety of jams, spreads, salsas, and veggies to try with tortilla chips and pretzels. I was starving when we got there so I happily sampled some of everything and I found it all to be quite delightful.

20150829_174048 20150829_160858

Our next stop was at a table with who I now affectionately refer to as, “our girls” from Bungalow 23. They let us try a couple of their mixers, my favorite being their Blueberry Lemon Drop, which one of them gave me a free bottle of.

20150829_162328 (2)

At this point I will tell no lies, my head was spinning and I wanted to lay out in the grass. I wanted to be carried because my limbs were no longer my own. The events that took place after this are a bit hazy.
Me and my girlfriends decided it best to grab food to quell the hunger pangs and hopefully sober me up a bit. There were food trucks from Angel Fire 7 BBQ, Bento Bus, Philly Connection, Brooke Lynn’s Own Sticks & Cones, The French Truck, and more.

After we ate it was only about 5PM, 3 more hours until the end of the event, but most of the vendors had run out of libations! What? How? Guess they were ill prepared.

We stuck around for a little while longer, had some more drinks of beer that none of us particularly cared for, a little moonshine, and a smooth bourbon from a vendor that I cannot for the life of me recall the name of.

Had I not purchased a Groupon for four with an additional 20% that was split between me and my friends that came out to $23/per person, I might have been upset because they ran out of alcohol so early but thankfully we got there early and I had a little more than a buzz going!

Will I go next year? Maybe, maybe not but all in all, it was a good time.


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