The Chocolate & Art Show: Atlanta at Paragon 7 Art Studio and Gallery

Where can you find art, naked body painting, face painting, music, and free chocolate, all under the same roof? At The Chocolate and Art Show, of course.
Friday night a girlfriend and I went to the 2 day event at Paragon 7 Art Studio and Gallery in Atlanta, hosted by The Chocolate & Art Show.

According to their website, The Chocolate and Art show was created 3 years ago by a gentleman named Danilo Santos as a way to get underground artists of several mediums and lovers of art under one roof with to share their talents, network, and of course indulge in chocolate and other treats.

Paragon 7 Art Studio and Gallery was the perfect venue to host this event because the space is very accommodating and made the transition of flowing from space to space very easy. There were about about 5 different rooms that boasted some of the most beautiful pieces you will ever see as well as vendors selling beautiful handmade jewelry, bags, clothes, and more.
The main room, its walls adorned in art (as were all of the other rooms except for one)  housed two buffet tables that sat in the middle of the room for guests to enjoy the milk and white chocolate fountains with strawberries, cookies, bananas, and other sweet treats provided for dipping! In that same room guests mingled, marveled over the amazing pieces, and admired the two women allowing their bodies to be canvases for the night.
In the backroom there was a DJ whose music could be heard throughout the studio as well as a bar and couches for seating if you needed a breather.
What made this event to me was the atmosphere. Everyone was friendly, the vibe was laid-back, and everything just flowed and melded together beautifully. I’ve also got to shout out the staff, everyone was pleasant and extremely friendly… A rarity in Atlanta, I find.

If you live in Atlanta and you missed The Chocolate and Art Show this year or you live in another city and want to know when they will be in a city near you, follow their Facebook and Instagram page.
If you live in Atlanta and want to keep up with cool events going on at Paragon 7 Art Studio and Gallery, follow their Facebook and Instagram page.

Check out some of my favorite pieces from the evening below.


By: badbadkitti follow on instagram @badbadkitti


“Compuss” By: Badbadkitti follow on Instagram @badbadkitti


By: Chane’ Fontaine follow on Instagram @chane_le_allure


“Ride with Me” By: Mr. Malcolm follow on Instagram @atrumovement


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Artist unknown


Artist unknown


Artist unknown


Artist unknown


Artist unknown


“Got Chocolate” by Dontez Akins follow on Instagram @dtaphotography

Hodgepodge Coffee House & Gallery

When I can’t seem to focus at home when I need to get work done, I will typically head over to the library or one of the various coffeehouse chains in the area. Sunday though, I needed a change of scenery and decided to head over to the eclectic East Atlanta Village where I knew I was sure to find a nice spot to get a few things done and maybe find some inspiration. With no particular location in mind I drove around and stumbled upon Hodgepodge Coffee House, and loved it almost immediately.

Hodgepodge Coffee House & Gallery isn’t your typical coffeehouse. Of course they’ve got a variety of coffee, hot and cold tea, and hot chocolate, but they’ve also got Thai Boba Tea, ginger beer, and so much more. They’ve also got a hearty food menu and an array of tasty looking baked goods.

What I enjoyed most about Hodgepodge though is its layout and friendly but relaxed vibe. The entire location is broken up in about 3 sections; the first areas is located closest to food counter. There there are small tables best suited for pairs to sit and talk. The second area has couches to lounge on and free books suitable for both adults and children to get lost in. And the 3rd area has larger tables to accommodate bigger groups looking to collaborate or just chat. And with large windows letting in tons of natural lighting, the place just feels so warm and inviting.

Hodgepodge is also very community-centric as they sell art, jewelry, tshirts, and other trinkets made by locals.

With a number of outlets and free WiFi, Hodgepodge Coffee House & Gallery is a spot you should definitely check out if you’re in need of a warm beverage and/or simply want a quiet but cool spot to read, get some work done, and just chill. Let me know if/when you’ll be stopping by, maybe I’ll join you!