Southern Belle Farm

Hot beverages (that may or may not be spiked, no judgment here). Candy apples. And over-sized sweaters, all signs that FALL IS HERE!
Fall is easily my favorite season for the reasons mentioned above, but I especially love the number of outdoor activities there are to enjoy without dying under Atlanta’s sweltering, summer sun.
So when a girlfriend suggested we do a corn maze or a maize maze (see what I did there?) this week, I was definitely down. I’d only ever seen them in movies and I thought it’d be a fun variant from our usual night of simply grabbing dinner, which we did as well, but I digress.

Friday evening we went to Southern Belle Farm in McDonough, Georgia. I had never heard of Southern Belle Farm. I’d actually never been on a farm period, so I went in with an open and no expectations. However, I did not expect the price of admissions to be $14, I mean, what is there to do on a farm that would warrant a $14 admissions fee?

Entrance of the farm, sign reads: Do Not Climb On Hay. I mean, how'd they know?

Entrance of the farm, sign reads: Do Not Climb On Hay. I mean, how’d they know?

When we walked in, we noticed they had a wide variety of pumpkins of all sizes for sale. We continued on and noticed they also had quite a bit of activities, most suitable for smaller children… But we decided to release our inner child with one in particular, the seesaw! Now it didn’t exactly go as planned as we were both quickly reminded that were weren’t tiny 8 year olds anymore but we tried.
In addition to the seesaw there was the cow train, pedal carts, jumping pillows, pig races, and so much more.

We were there for the corn maze though and not really interested in much else so we moved it along. On our way over, we stopped and grabbed a small bag of their delicious kettle corn for $3 to keep our mouths occupied as we strolled.
When we got to the beginning of the maze we were told that there were 3 different mazes and you were allowed to choose whichever maze you wanted to try based on their difficulty. Being the badasses that we are, we chose the most difficult one. In the maze there are corn and agricultural trivia questions to answer as you make your way through which I thought was pretty cute, but what I loved most about the maze was the bridge we stumbled upon. The bridge is a tall platform that allows your to overlook the entire farm and the view from the top was absolutely beautiful.
We found our way out in a little under the 25 minutes, overjoyed by the accomplishment as we were told that  that’s about how long it takes to complete. We then took a few pictures in front of their gorgeous flower bushes, and left. 20151016_184910
All in all I had a good time, it was worth the experience, but I doubt I’d go again. For $14, there isn’t much for a childless adult to partake in but I think it’d be a fun and educational outing if you have younger children.
Check out their website here for additional information regarding hours of operations and other farm activities for the fall!

Aerial view of corn maize taken from Southern Belle Farm’s website.