I am still learning how and what it means to be vulnerable. Its importance in building meaningful, intimate relationships makes complete sense in my mind, however I seem to fumble with it in practice.
To most I’m an ice queen, but those that know me well know better; my feelings are easily hurt and¬†I will cry at the drop of a hat. You just won’t ever see it as I will certainly excuse myself.
But therein lies my main issue:¬†expressing my hurt. I feel it reads as a sign of weakness, however, this rationale only applies to me. When other people are hurting I want to comfort them, I tell them it’s natural to feel whatever it is that they’re feeling. When it comes to myself, I don’t allow myself the same sensitivity. I’ve noticed that my inability to be vulnerable also manifests itself in other ways, mostly irritability and impatience…

I’m well aware of my issues, I’m just not sure how to correct them.